Does Your Vagina Need an Exercise Program?

Your vagina needs exercise just like all the other parts of you. In fact, it may need it even MORE than other parts of you. Do you have any of the following?

Weak abdominals

Pelvic pain


Hip pain

Pelvic organ prolapse

Lack of vaginal sensation

Lack of vaginal orgasms

Low libido

Dryness/lack of lubrication

Just doing kegels isn’t enough (just like pumping your bicep without holding a weight isn’t enough) to provide any functional change in your vagina. You need to put something in there!

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped crystal (usually made of jade) that is inserted into the vagina with an attachment point for string and light weights to be attached. This way, your vagina has something to provide sensory feedback and an actual force/tension (the weight of the egg plus any attachments) being applied to induce change in the tissues.

The history of the jade yoni egg goes back 5000 years to Taoist China where genital strengthening for men and women was considered important for maintaining mind-body wellness. The Taoists used jade stones for their energetic ability to balance the energies of the kidneys and female reproductive system. Thus the jade egg works on a physical level (toning, strengthening, sensitizing) and an energetic level (clearing blocks to allow energy to flow through the meridian system).

A healthy vagina is one that is dexterous (can contract/grip and relax/open on command), wet, fully sensitized, and pain-free! If your vagina is happy, YOU (and your partner!) will be happy!

This is the egg that I use. This kit is great because it comes with silk string, crystal weights, energy clearing disc, guided visualizations, exercise instructions plus it’s packaged beautifully in a colorful satin carrying case.

Disclosure: link opens to an affiliate site.

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