The Parenting Advice You Never Get

There’s no shortage of parenting advice these days, whether from friends, family members, experts or “experts.” You can’t NOT get advice in fact because it’s everywhere!—in advertisements, in schools, the news, at the pediatricians office, and sometimes in the looks and glances of fellow parents.

Yet most of us never receive the MOST important piece of parenting advice. Sometimes we NEVER get it and spend our child bearing and rearing years oblivious to the one thing that can be life-changing for ourselves and our kids.

Knowing this one thing can change moments of stress and anxiety into moments of love and peace. Putting this one thing into practice will not only transform the relationship you have with your child but the relationships you have with every single other person in your life.

It will save you hundreds of hours of reading books and blogs.

This technique is called Soul Parenting. And in a nutshell, it means STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF AS A PARENT!!!

Most of us are trained and encouraged to parent “logically,” using our minds, rather than our hearts to make decisions about our kids and how to raise them. This style of parenting requires us to “learn” lots of information through reading and talking to child health and psychology experts. It is expensive, time consuming, stressful and………….completely unnecessary.

We are all endowed with souls—our energetic link to divinity and universal wisdom. Our soul knows more than our mind—it has the ability to transcend the logical brain, to know and perceive more than what’s available to us in the physical realm.

By tapping into our soul’s understanding, our intuition, we can understand more about our children, what they need, and how to support their growth and development than a lifetime of reading parenting books will ever impart.

Soul parenting is parenting from a place of love and non-judgement. Not holding yourself or your child to standards that society has deemed acceptable or unacceptable.

Take a moment and think about all the times you felt bad about a parenting decision you made………Maybe you yelled at your child. Maybe you took away a toy or an activity as punishment. Maybe you sent them to their room without dinner. Maybe you turned and walked away when your child was crying instead of hugging them. Maybe you reacted more harshly than you meant to because you were in a public space and other people were watching. Maybe the first food you gave your child was nasty rice cereal from a box because that’s what the pediatrician said to do, even though instinctively that seemed totally wrong and disgusting and why would a processed, man-made thing possibly be healthier than something from nature that’s already soft, like an avocado or banana???…..or maybe that last one’s just me…

Whatever the reason, you felt bad because you ignored your soul and listened to your brain. You chose the path of “right” by society’s standards and suppressed your soul’s desire to express love and compassion.

Parenting from a place of love and detachment is stress-free and, dare I say it, FUN! You will not want to parent any other way!

Because we’ve suppressed our intuition for so long (in fact, we’ve been taught to do this), soul parenting may not come naturally at first and will require time and practice, like any skill. You will fall into your “old ways” many times and there will be a transition period as your children become used to being unconditionally loved and supported. A child’s resistance and disobedience will naturally diminish as their soul will glean from your soul the importance of showing love and compassion.

Parents, have fun! Raise your children the way that makes you and them feel happy and uplifted. Stop doubting yourself and That’s all they need.

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