What Will Smith & I Have in Common…

(hint: it's not our hot bods)

We both believe FOOD is MEDICINE!!!

During this week’s Red Table Talk, Will calls an emergency family meeting to talk about health!

In the episode, Will Smith (who’s now 51 years old—what??) says he had an epiphany after coming back from vacation—he realized that he knew how to eat to look good but not how to eat to feel good. He mentions that even during his most fit periods working on films like Ali, I am Legend, and Suicide Squad, he always had headaches and never really felt great in general.

Discussing this with his family, prompts the others to share their personal health issues and relationship with food which includes things like eating when bored, having sensitive stomachs and frequent stomach upsets, constipation, gas, bloating, having a poor appetite, lack of energy, poor sleep, experiencing anxiety, worry, and high stress levels.

The Smith family brings in expert nutritionist Mona Sharma and functional medicine physician Mark Hyman to shed some light on these often experienced (thought not normal!) health problems which will be followed up on in future episodes!

Will mentions some common (yet super awesome!) phrases such as “you are what you eat” and “food is medicine.” These true and powerful messages will hopefully reach a wider audience and serve as a catalyst to promote a desire for lifestyle and diet elevations in others!

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